Calendar of Events

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The North Sydney Bartown Community Society is a non for profit organization which consists of a group of dedicated board members and volunteers who work year round to plan the festival.

The society’s aim is to feature an array of events that attribute both historical and cultural content with popular festival activites such as our annual Bartown Parade and fireworks, The Carmen Young Track and Field Event, and The Bartown Burger Battle.

Check out the full list in our upcoming 2018 Calendar of Events!



Bartown Festival Parade

The Annual Bartown Festival Parade and Kickoff Party will be taking place on Wednesday, July 25th from 6pm-9pm!

The parade lineup will start at 6pm at the old North Sydney Forum parking lot running along Pierce Street and making a left turn onto Regent Street. Followed by a left turn onto Queen Street traveling to Commercial Street and a left turn onto Blowers Street returning to the old North Sydney Forum parking lot.

Parade awards will be given out in six categories including; Most Spirited, Most Humorous, Best Commercial, Best Group/Individual, Most Original and Judges Choice.

The Kick Off Party will be held at Smelt Brook (Duck Pond) from 7pm-9pm with live music, children’s activities and a free barbecue.


Burger Battle

The Burger Battle will be taking place from June 29th until July 27th!


The Bartown Community Society is located at 445 Purves Street North Sydney , Nova Scotia.

We can be reached by phone at (902)-794-8589 or                                          by email at